How projects are organised and how project decisions are made is often key to their success.

For projects under development, we can assist you in setting up good governance arrangements. We can offer advice on the following key issues.

  • Structure – there is often a need for a structure that involves a Working Group and a Project Steering Group but the remit of these two committees, how they relate and how decisions are to be made needs to be clearly set out and agreed at the outset.
  • People – ensuring that the right skill sets and personalities are brought onto each of the committees or groups.
  • Information – the quality of the information needed that informs decision makers on committees and how project reports are to be made and risks reported and managed. The business case is often the most important information set and needs to be comprehensive and able to deal with all of the issues that can inform or influence a decision to proceed.

Once the project is operational for established organisations, we can assist in undertaking a governance review. Any such review will be bespoke to the organisation and will vary depending on the its structure, ownership, regulatory environment, and what it wants from the review. We can advise generally on what will make good governance and, for example, on:

  • whether the Board is structured and organised in a manner that will lead to effective decisions; and
  • the type of structure that would be best for a new strategic direction for the organisation.

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