Client: Bishop Grosseteste University

In 2019 AMION completed two summative assessments of ERDF-funded projects for Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln.

The Lincolnshire Open Research and Innovation Centre (LORIC) project involved the acquisition and refurbishment of a property in Lincoln to provide dedicated space for engagement and collaborations with SMEs. It also provided a programme of support to SMEs in the Lincolnshire area, including an in-depth diagnostic, one-to-one support, knowledge-sharing events and seminars. The aim of this support was to assist business growth by enabling businesses to understand, share and use data. The project had total funding of £3.5 million, with ERDF providing 60%.

The Business Inspiration project was an entrepreneurial development programme for businesses across Greater Lincolnshire. It provided a short, practical, peer learning based programme which integrated personal development in entrepreneurial leadership and management capabilities with analysis of the business options and strategies for growth and development. The project engaged and supported SMEs across the Greater Lincolnshire LEP area. The project provided support through: peer-to-peer learning, support and knowledge exchange; educational led workshops; 12 hours of one-to-one specialist business mentoring and consultancy; and access to grant funding. The project had total funding of £0.9 million, with ERDF providing 60%.

Each evaluation included a telephone survey of beneficiaries (carried out by Spirul), consultations with programme staff from the University and other stakeholders and case studies of a number of beneficiaries.

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