Client: Liverpool City Council

The Festival will support the Government’s aim to double annual UK exports by 2020 and take advantage of both the City Region’s historical position as a global focal point for international trade and investment and its transformation over the last decade into one of the UK’s most dynamic economic locations, with growing professional services, knowledge, creative, retail and hospitality sectors.

The Festival will provide the opportunity to promote a vision for the Mersey to become a key global trading focus, showcasing the Enterprise Zones in the City Region and supporting the connection of the City to international growth markets. However, the Festival will not just focused on showcasing the City Region and its business offer. It aims to demonstrate that the whole of the United Kingdom has much to offer in international markets. Therefore, although the event will be hosted by Liverpool and its City Region, it will also take advantage of assets and projects further afield.
The event will involve two months of activities within which there will be four weeks of specialist event themed weeks. A cultural programme will run alongside the Festival, with major events to attract tourists and to showcase the North of England’s compelling visitor offer.

The Business Case was structured in line with HM Treasury’s ‘Five Case Model’ and included consideration of the strategic, economic, commercial, financial and management cases.

It assessed the potential options that could be pursued in relation to the Festival. As part of the commission, AMION undertook an assessment of the economic benefits of each option, including the creation of new employment opportunities and additional local expenditure.

The final Business Case contributed significantly to public funding being provided towards the Festival, which will now go ahead in June and July 2014. Further details of the Festival can be found at

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