Client: Your Housing Group

We were commissioned by Your Housing to carry out an economic impact assessment of a proposed new training hotel providing 100 beds in addition to training opportunities for people from across the city region. The project is part of a wider regeneration programme in the Anfield part of the city which also includes housing improvements, enhanced public realm (including Stanley Park), an improved retail and leisure offer and the expansion of Anfield football stadium.

The economic impact assessment was based on discussions with Your Housing in relation to the project proposals and drew on feasibility work carried out for the project. The assessment considered the potential employment impacts associated with the new hotel, both directly and in terms of the wider local economy. Two scenarios for the hotel were considered, one with training provision and the other without.

The gross impacts attributable to the project under each scenario were estimated for three different elements:

  • construction phase – temporary jobs associated with the construction of the hotel;
  • operational phase, on-site – permanent employment arising through the operation of the new hotel, including trainees; and
  • operational phase, off-site – employment supported in the wider economy as a result of additional supply chain, employee and visitor expenditure in the local economy.

Our report showed that significant employment and GVA benefits could be delivered to the Anfield area and further afield through the project and that the benefits would be maximised through the holistic redevelopment of the area.

This assignment demonstrated our team’s ability to assess the potential impact of a hotel development as part of a major regeneration programme for a deprived area. Further to this, it also showed our team’s ability to assess how a hotel development is consistent with a wide-ranging package of improvements in an underperforming area and how wider regeneration is necessary in order to ensure that a hotel is viable. In addition, the project highlighted our team’s ability to work in a partnership environment (other partners included Liverpool City Council).

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