Client: Sheffield City Council

AMION Consulting were appointed by Sheffield City Council to provide support to the Stocksbridge Towns Fund Board in the development of its Town Investment Plan. As a result of AMION’s support, Stocksbridge has been successful in its funding application and has been allocated £24.1 million from the government’s £3.6 billon Towns Fund. Stocksbridge Town Investment Plan will address the challenges and opportunities discovered during the Town Investment Plan development process with projects including establishment of a Community Crossover Hub, improved cycling and walking trails and a post-16 education hub.

AMION Consulting’s role involved supporting Stocksbridge Towns Fund Board through the Town Investment Plan development process to ensure the funding proposal was of sufficient quality to meet MHCLG requirements and receive the full funding request.

We developed a robust evidence base and theory of change to provide rationale for the proposed projects requiring Towns Fund investment in Stocksbridge. This clear evidence base supported the wider holistic strategy for the town which was developed by AMION working alongside the Towns Fund Board. To provide further evidence of need, an engagement strategy was developed and implemented, with this feedback included within the Town Investment Plan and used to inform the prioritisation of projects. In addition to drafting the Town Investment Plan, we also provided specialist economic insight into the nature of the prioritised projects based on our extensive experience in this sector, including the provision of indicative BCRs.

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