Client: Oldham Council

As part of developing the Economic Framework, AMION undertook a comprehensive review of the economic evidence base and strategic context.

A number of consultations were carried out with public and private sector stakeholders in order to understand the priorities for Oldham and the specific issues that needed to be reflected within the Framework. This was essential to ensure that the Economic Framework was bespoke to Oldham and to identify the interventions that offered the most credible opportunities for growth. AMION then identified the actions that would need to be undertaken to achieve the ambitions for Oldham.

The Investment Plan included an assessment of the potential development opportunities within the Town Centre and how these might best be brought forward to meet the vision and economic objectives for Oldham. AMION also set out the proposed governance and delivery arrangements within the Investment Plan, along with the alternative approaches to intervention that could maximise the leverage of private sector resources and make best use of available public sector funding. Underpinning the Framework and Investment Plan was an analysis of the outcomes and outputs of the various investment opportunities, principally in terms of job creation and economic growth.

Oldham Council has recently published an Investment Prospectus for the Town Centre, informed by the Investment Plan developed by AMION. A number of the key projects identified in the Investment Plan are now underway.

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