Client: Pinewood Studios*

*Working within a multidisciplinary team, socio-economic impact assessment, stakeholder engagement and consultation

Pinewood Studios Ltd appointed us to work as part of a wider team convened to prepare the case for the expansion of Pinewood Studios.  Our role involved preparing a business plan and completing an economic impact assessment of the proposed expansion project. This involved an assessment of the potential jobs that would be created, Gross Value Added (GVA) to be generated and an assessment of the impact on the UK Film Industry if the expansion did not take place.  A number of growth scenarios were considered and subsequently modelled.

The work involved extensive primary research to gather views from:

  • Film Industry experts (in particular production companies) both in the UK and America;
  • Key industry associations from the film industry and the creative and media sectors;
  • Other key stakeholders – including DCMS, UKTI, BIS, Local Authorities; and the local LEP; and
  • Businesses – both in film production and supporting ancillary services.

We worked with a market research firm to undertake the business surveys and an employee survey of people working on the Pinewood Studios site.  The findings from the business surveys and the consultations were used to verify the design of the proposed expansion plans and provide evidence to support the assumptions underpinning the economic impact work.

The objective of the work for Pinewood Studios was to provide evidence that would support the application for planning permission. The council refused planning permission in the first instance, however given the economic significance of the case and the detrimental impact this decision would have on the UK Film Industry, a public inquiry was held. We provided evidence at this Public Inquiry and in May 2014, the Secretary of State granted planning permission for the expansion of the studios to go ahead.

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