Client: Sport England

Sport delivers benefits to participants, spectators and to the economy as a whole and supports a wide range of policy agendas. However, few studies in the past have sought to assess its full economic value. Sport England therefore commissioned us to undertake a national study of the economic value of sport. This work presents the first comprehensive assessment of the economic impact and value of sport in England.

The study sets out a new Satellite Account based analysis of the impact of sport on the economy and also uses evidence assembled by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to analyse the broader economic value of sport, such as its positive effects on health and community building. Overall, the analysis demonstrates the substantial economic contribution that sport makes to society.

As part of the study, we undertook a review of the scale of sport related activity within England. This included an analysis of the extent of participation in sport and the size of the voluntary sport sector. An assessment of the economic impact of sport within England, specifically in relation to consumer expenditure, Gross Value Added and employment, was then undertaken, along with an analysis of the wider economic value benefits of sport.

A summary of the study findings was produced, which included the use of infographics and images to provide a document that was eye-catching and accessible to a wide audience. We coordinated the production of this summary document, along with a more technical report, setting out the methodology adopted and detailed findings. Both documents highlight the importance of sport and its contribution to the national economy.

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