Client: Cornwall Council

Based upon a detailed review of the local economy and strategic context, and reflecting the overall priorities for the SIF based upon the Operational Plan. AMION worked closely with strategic and delivery partners to identify key project principles.

Building upon these principles alongside eligibility factors and cross-cutting themes, AMION developed a robust framework of nine criteria to enable the appraisal of projects. The framework was delivered in consultation with delivery teams to ensure that it provided a logical and workable basis for assessing projects.

AMION also outlined high level spatial delivery targets for key indicators, reflecting analysis of market potential and socio-economic need. Finally, as part of the commission AMION updated the action framework for Priority 2, setting out actions to respond to known supply, demand and development issues within Cornwall alongside an approach to intervention.

AMION reviewed the principles that underpinned Priority 2 of the ERDF Convergence programme for Cornwall to inform the development of a Strategic Investment Framework which provided the basis against which projects seeking European funding could be assessed and compared. The SIF outlined the principles of how resources could be best used to support the aims of the programme, reflecting consideration of the key issues and threats affecting the local economy. Based on this work, delivery partners utilised the SIF to identify supportable projects , weighing strategic objectives against key deliverability factors.

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