Client: Department for Communities and Local Government

This five-year evaluation comprised two inter-related strands of work:

  • a quantitative assessment of what was happening in the target areas in terms of NSNR narrowing the gap between the most deprived and the rest of the country; and
  • a qualitative assessment of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the NSNR delivery mechanisms

In undertaking the assignment, a combination of methods was applied, including:

  • quantitative top-down or macro assessment i.e. outcome measurement;
  • quantitative bottom-up or micro assessment i.e. data from previous evaluations of specific aspects of NSNR, performance management data and case study research; and
  • qualitative evidence i.e. interviews and workshops; previous evaluations and research; and case studies.

An expert panel with specialists from Government and Academia in a variety of fields was convened to provide oversight and scrutiny of all key published reports. The work also entailed a review of approximately 150 Neighbourhood Renewal Projects across the country and the provision of inputs to a major Government review of Regeneration Policy as well as the Comprehensive Spending Review.

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