Client: Department for Communities and Local Government

This evaluation involved a summative and formative evaluation of the national LEGI initiative – a joint programme of support between CLG, HM Treasury and BIS that aimed to support both new business formation and existing businesses looking to grow in 20 of the most deprived areas in the country.

The project involved the development of a common monitoring framework for the areas; an assessment of change in the areas (with regard to new business formation and business growth – through the analysis of secondary data sources); detailed analysis of LEGI programmes and contextual labour market conditions in six Case Study Areas; surveys of new and existing businesses; consultation with key stakeholders; and assessment of additionality and value for money – using bottom up evidence from the surveys combined with top down analysis of secondary data sources and econometric modelling to identify the attributable impact of LEGI. A particular feature of the analysis was the need to reconcile evidence derived from different data sources (e.g. Beta Model and ABI data on the business stock).

For a copy of this Evaluation Report please see this link:

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